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Feel comfortable through our heating products
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Let Us Give You Fresh Breathe In Every Moment

We know it’s crucial to have the right air balance in your living place. All it takes is removing the air particles to ventilate & condition your body system. This is why we install air cleaners for clients. We have a range of air cleaners to install in residential, commercial and industrial regions. We love to keep your place free of harmful pollutants & contaminants. 


If you have an air cleaner, it’s essential to keep it in good working condition. We take pride in servicing the air cleaner. However, we love providing an excellent ecosystem to everyone in Toronto.

Trees Clean Air! So We Do Also!

Go Extra to Meet Your Needs

Looking for professional air cleaner services for residential, commercial and industrial places? If so, it's time to choose us. Thankfully at Alliance Comfortable Energy, we provide affordable air cleaners repair services. Our experts go the extra mile to satisfy your requirements. The good news is to contact us to meet your needs.

We Listen to All Clients

We know you have a pool of options for choosing professional air cleaner services. But what makes us different? We listen to all requirements of our clients to come up with a suitable solution.

Certified Staff

We have a squad of certified staff who can proficiently meet your demands. Our team can assess the requirement to do the right job for you.

We Reduce Air Conditioning Cost

We charge reasonable charges for making the air clean. However, our team knows the best way to increase the efficiency of air cleaners. In addition, we protect everyone from paying the hefty electricity bills.

Meet the Air Purifier Experts to Kill 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses


Scientific research found that it kills & captures 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold, allowing breathing freely. Installing an air cleaner is ideal for every place to cleanse the air pollutants quickly. We have a family-owned & operated business to offer leading air conditioning & heating solutions for Brampton. Alliance Comfortable Energy has been providing air cleaning products to customers for 20 years. 

How to order a aircleaner ?

Call us to schedule your free in-home assessment of your heating system with an EMC.

The EMC visits your home to conduct the initial assessment and make recommendations.

The EMC does one final inspection and answers any questions before installation begins.

Frequently Asked aircleaner Questions

How Does an Electronic Air Cleaner Work?

It works by pulling air and charging particles in the air. The cleaner traps the tiniest of the particles before recirculating the air with static electricity. This is why it takes very little electricity to clean the indoor atmosphere. 

What Are the Benefits of Air Cleaners?

It doesn’t matter whether these are allergens or other particles in the air; it can cleanse the airflow. It might also put harmful particles out of the air. It may remove 99.99% of harmful particles from the air. So let us install an air cleaner & take care of your every breath. 

How Do I Use An Air Purifier?

Whether it’s a residence or a central location, it works best. The purifiers increase air intake. However, we recommend placing an air purifier near your sitting areas. So, you can consume clean air. 

What Are Air Cleaning Effects?

Air filtration traps dust, bacteria, and viruses. It prevents all the pollutants that you intake every day. It also kills the bacteria with a heating system & keeps cooling the place. So it’s an ideal solution to keep the air clean & family healthy.