Ductless System Services

Ductless System Services in Toronto 

What to do when you live in an older residence? What do you do when you find that your home is not built to install ductwork units? There are many people in Toronto asking the same question. Alliance Comfortable Energy has the correct answer: “Ductless System.” The ductless unit allows enjoying a system that is cool in summer & hot in winter. What’s more, do you want ductless units? So come to us, and we will get the system installed. 


Ductless Units Repairing Services  

It is in its last stage if you also have a ductless system. Or no amount of repair puts it back into energy-efficient working health. Then it needs to be replaced by our experts. We can offer the service you need & focus on getting the job done right. 

Whether you eventually need ductless repairs, you want professionals to take care of it. You can schedule with us to get same-day ductless unit repairing solutions.


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What Is A Ductless Unit?

A ductless unit is also known as a ductless air conditioner, a kind of electric heating & cooling system. This unit works as the same old air conditioner units, but it doesn’t require ducts. 

How Are Ductless Units Working?

These units are connected with an indoor air-handling team known as a line set. A hole is cutting through the wall where a line runs along with copper tubing & electrical wire to start working the unit. 

Are Ductless Units A New Technology?

No, these systems have been around for decades. Since the 1970s, it has been used throughout Toronto. It has been typically used for more than 20 years worldwide. However, the advancing state of technology has made several changes to this system. 

Are Ductless Systems Efficient Than Duct Units?

Yes, ductless units can save up to 30% of energy. It comes with quick room temperature adjustment features. As a result, it can save money on fuel. In addition, it’s made up of high-efficient components to cool your home.

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If one of your ductless units stops working, it’s easy for our technicians to replace it. But, we first check the ductless system to fix the tear-downs. Therefore, we provide a complete system replacement service if needed. We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of ductless air conditioners for a long time. So when you find anything wrong, contact us, and we’ve fixed it. We’re the best air conditioner repairman in Newmarket. Alliance Comfortable Energy offer excellent services on repairs or something our customers love. 

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