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Alliance Comfortable Energy can understand your situation if you are using hard water. It can give you a tough time completing your necessary washing and even drinking if you consume it. Therefore, we have the best solution of a water softener product for you that will convert the hard water at your place to soft water. You can feel the difference of using the quality soft water after installing our long-lasting products.

Say Bye to the Hard Water issues with our products


With Alliance Comfortable Energy water softener products, you will also get the facility for the after services at any time you need; whether it is changing the filter or inspecting any issue, you will face during the regeneration of soft water by the system. So, call us and get the lifetime supply of soft water at your place.

The Strengths that will make you Choose us

Healthy Skin and Hair

Our water softener will serve you with healthy skin and hair free from irritation.

Guaranteed Products

The water softener products we offer come with a 100% guarantee to run over the years.

Competitive Price

Our quality products are cost-effective and will fit your budget.

Fast Delivery

We care for our clients and provide the fastest delivery possible on the same day.

How to order a WATER SOFTENER?

Call us to schedule your free in-home assessment of your heating system with an EMC.

The EMC visits your home to conduct the initial assessment and make recommendations.

The EMC does one final inspection and answers any questions before installation begins.

Frequently Asked Furnace Questions

1. How often is the maintenance of my water softener necessary?

Every appliance needs a routine check-up for the proper working frequently. Generally, under a normal situation, you can go for cleaning the water softener once or twice in five years.

2. Can I take a shower during the regenerating by water softener?

No. It is prohibited to use the water during the regeneration process by a water softener. The reason is that the tank’s water is hard, and there is no benefit to using it. So, it is better to wait for some time.

3. How often do I need to add salt to my water softener?

The professional technicians recommend adding one bag of salt after every month. Initially, the brine tank needs to check the salt usage and then adjust according to the requirement you notice.

4. What is the perfect setting point of hardness for my water softener?

The intelligent way to set the water softener hardness is by adding 4 for every ppm of iron dissolved to the amount of hardness in water. It will work perfectly for you and provide you with the soft water that you can utilize for bathing or washing clothes.